Festival Internacional de Poesía de Medellín

Included material in past editions



‘My work on language and power was an
elaboration of a Tagorean sentiment’: Ngugi wa Thiong’o



Appeal to Global Poetic Action, from World Poetry Movement (WPM), in April, against Racism and Xenophobia



Message For World Fraternity
First World Poetry Meeting of Indigenous Peoples

Colombia Peace Deal “great choice” for Nobel Peace Prize, but a long road to lasting peace still lies ahead


World Poetry Action Against War and for Peace on Earth
in October 2016: World Poetry Movement Call


Report of the Seventh General Conference of
Writers Union of Africa and Asia (AAWU)


Open Letter From 22 Alternatives Nobel Prize to the King of Saudi Arabia, for Freedom of Poet Ashraf Fayadh



Gabriel Rosenstock interviewed for Bhashanagar (Kolkata)
By Subodh Sarkar


Two poems By Usha Akella
By Usha Akella



A powerful voice arising from an active spiritual combustion:
World Poetry Movement Manifesto


A Planet Free Of Wars. For Peace, Justice and Poetry
By Coordination Committee WPM



Anthology of poems. The Dragon in the Valley of Poetry
Poetry International Meeting China-Colombia

Program: Dragon in Valley of Poetry

Interview to Mahmoud Darwish
By Raja Shehadeh


Qinghai Lake International Poetry Manifesto
By Jidi Majia


Forces of World Poetry for 1000 Years of Peace in Colombia



Pablo Neruda, The Art of Poetry

Poems by Pablo Neruda


World Poetry School


New perspectives and dimensions of World Poetry Movement


World Poetry Movement in response to the historical crisis

A Leap Forward in San Franciso


Confirmation of Worldwide Poetry Readings
for February 29th Keeps Advancing

Christian Ide Hintze (1953-2012)

Approved World Poetry Movement's Strategic Plan 2012-2014

Poetry was born before poets
By Lello Voce



Writers ask Mexico’s President to Cancel Mining
Concessions in the Sacred Territory of the Huichol People

"Journey between your soul and the larger sould"
By Joan L. Woodruff

Hatto Fischer on Greece ‘madness’ and ‘European debts’

An interview with Jenny Hval
By SJ Fowler


Humanism, a new idea
By Irina Bokova

International Black Literary Figures From Africa
and America - Keorapetse William Kgositsile

A Reading by Chris Abani

Didier Awadi Interview

Revolution rapper Mohamed El Deeb, Tahrir square’s figurehead

World Poetry Movement deploys itself

22nd International Poetry Festival of Medellin
Tribute to the spirit of the Aboriginal Peoples of the World


WPM: September 24th, 2011


Poetic Justice
By Fernando Rendón

A Global Chorus Of Life


831 poetry readings in 530 cities of 106 countries
throughout the world, this 24th of September

Received Messages Confirming 247 poetry
readings for September the 24th , 2011 (WPM)

Poetry Reading on September 24th organized by WPM

Appeal of WPM to realize Poetry Readings on September 24th

Members of the WPM


Foundational Statement of the World Poetry Movement

Peace and reconstruction of the human spirit
By Jairo Guzmán

Medellin Statement: Poetry for the Planet
By Peter Rorvik

Stupidity and Poetry
By Ban’ya Natsuishi

Changing a Life
By Bas Kwakman

On the connection between poetry and freedom
By Thomas Wohlfahrt

The Transformation of a Drug Capital: the Medellín Poetry Festival


Eas National Poetry Month Draws to a Close
By Ken McCullough


Joint Statement on the Japanese Nuclear Disaster
Alliance of Right Livelihood Award Laureates Demands Global Nuclear Phase Out


Interview with Derek Walcott
By Edward Hirsch

The Rapturous World of Words On Hadaa Sendoo’s poetry
By Rita Malhotra

Correspondence and dialogue with Rati Saxena

Emergency Poetry
By Sigurbjörg Þrastardóttir

Fifteen years since the foundation of the
International Poetry School of Medellín

The burning question
By Fernando Rendón

The XXI International Poetry Festival of
Medellín: meeting of the antelope and the star

Five years after the flood, Osundare goes for Katrina
By Ademola Adesola

Chiwoniso Maraire:"I literally feel like I am a vessel"

An Interview with Chris Abani
By Carlye Archibeque

Lebogang Mashile

The Xhosa musician Madosini Latozi Mpahleni

Paradise Lost: Cees Nooteboom takes on our jet-fueled millennium
By Jess Row

Ban’ya Matsuishi: Second Sight
By Richard Gilbert



Trailer Cultures of Resistance
By Cultures of Resistance


The Future is first shaped by Words
By Gémino H. Abad


Balance of the XX International Poetry Festival of Medellín
By Jairo Guzmán

Press cuttings about XX Poetry Festival of Medellin.


Regarding the Emblematic Phrase
of the XX International Poetry Festival of Medellín:

Human Destiny is Just a Celestial Rhythm
By Jairo Guzmán

XX International Poetry Festival
of Medellín: An enduring dream

General Program

Twenty Years of a Historic
Poetic Project for the World


Meaning of Poetry by Invited Poets
to XX International Poetry Festival of Medellín


The International Poetry Festival of Medellín
Contemporary Hierophany

Biographical Information of Invited poets to the
XX International Poetry Festival of Medellín


An Interview with Bob Holman
By Dan Brodnitz

A Close Reading of Cesar Ruiz Aquino's "Word Without End"
By Ralph Semino Galan

The Poet As Sculptor and Other Thoughts On Writing Poetry
By Althea Romeo-Mark

Poetry Is Painting with Words
By Althea Romeo-Mark

Alternative Anthem
By John Agard

Gasham Najafzadeh’s truth
By Shemsi Vefadar

Imtiaz Dharker- A Study in Prescriptive Social and Religious Sanctions
By Prof. R.K. Bhushan

The Defiant of Poetry my Term

By M.A. Taher



Celebration of twenty years of
The Poetry Festival of Medellin

By T.S. Eliot

William Butler Yeats
By Louise Bogan

Life with the Real White Goddess
By Louis Simpson

Interview with Seamus Heaney
By Sameer Rahim



Memories of Medellin
By Usha Akella



With roots of love for the future: People speaks of the Festival

Photo gallery XIX Poetry Festival of Medellin

Press cuttings about XIX International Poetry Festival of Medellin

Received messages from invited poets returning to their countries

Evaluation of the XIX International Poetry Festival of Medellin

Memories of XIX International Poetry Festival of Medellín

Letter to the World Public Opinion en solidary
with the International Poetry Festival of Medellin

Expressions of worldwide solidarity

The song of all love of the world
at the superhuman shore

Words for an Opening by Fernando Rendón

Vietnamese poetry at the XIX Poetry Festival of Medellín

The XIX International Poetry Festival of Medellin
in the neighborhood for displacement people La Cruz

Opening poetry reading XIX International Poetry Festival of Medellin



We have used a language common to our hearts
By Direction Committee of XIX Poetry Festival of Medellin

Freedom Is Not On Sale
Poems by Mvula Ya Nangolo

Poetry in Tajikistan: Gulrukhsor Safieva

Édouard Glissant: Celebrated Francophone Writer

Poet protects 'personal history'
Interview with Ghassan Zaqtan

Some notes on Quipu by Arthur Sze: string theory

An Essay on the Meaning of Poetry in the Present-day World
Essay by Ifi Amadiume to the XIX International Poetry Festival of Medellin



XIX International Poetry Festival
of Medellín July 4 to 11, 2009

The International Poetry Festival of Medellín
Declared Cultural Heritage of Colombia

Poetry of Transformation and Transitions
By Fuad Rifka

Essay on Poetry
By Lenrie Peters

I Lived a Magical Feast
By Fadhil Al-Azzawi

Few remarks on the Meaning o Poetry in the Present-Day World
By Sigurdur Pálsson

Poetry in Present Day
By Rashidah Ismaili AbuBakr



Worldwide reading in memory of Mahmoud Darwish
on 5 October 2008


The Poetry Festival of Medellín does not sympathize with war
By Fernando Rendón

Mahmoud Darwish, Palestinian poet, is dead

Lettre du poète Breyten Breytenbach

A poets Palestine As Metaphor
By Adam Shatz

Mahmoud Darwish spoke in the
name of the Palestinian people

Poems by Mahmoud Darwish

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