Alberto Rodríguez Tosca (Cuba, )


Alberto Rodríguez Tosca was born in Artemisa, Havana, Cuba, in 1962. poet, essayist and fiction writer. He has published : Todas las jaurías del rey (Premio David de Poesía, 1987), Otros poemas (Premio Nacional de la Crítica, 1992), Silvio Rodríguez: entre el espanto y la ternura (Premio Nacional de Periodismo 1994: entrevista, fragmento), and El viaje, 2003. His poems and short stories have appeared in anthologies published in Cuba, Spain, Argentina, México, Colombia, Venezuela, Puerto Rico, Austria, Italy and The United States. He studied Radio, Television and Film Direction in The Faculty of Audiovisual media of the Superior Institute of Art (ISA) of Havana. He has been writer and director of radio programs, specialist of Houses of Culture and Literary workshops, publisher of the Colombian weekly Suburbia Capital and the newspaper Urbe and publisher of Horas. Actually he is Chief of the writing staff of the literary journal La Sangrada Escritura and teacher at The International Institute of Film and Television “Isla de Mediodía” in Colombia. According to Juan Manuel Roca, “ the words in the poems of Rodríguez Tosca ride on wounded images, for them an underground humor serves as a lifesaver. Ever since I started reading his poetry it has trapped me and seduced the germinal power of his word. Away from the tyranny of prudence, the poetics of our Cuban friend feels good by walking through unusual paths and falling to the abyss as a John Doe at his house.
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