Festival Internacional de Poesía de Medellín

Takashi Arima (Japan)


We are not planning any price increase at all.
We are not planning any price increase within the year.
We will not be considering a price increase for a while.
We hope to hold price increases down with all our capacity.
At present, we are planning to shelve price increases.
We will not permit immediate price increases.
If we do allow price increases, they will not take effect right now.
We would like to avoid price increases as much as we can.
There are those who say price increases are unnecessary, but we
are giving consideration as to whether or not to allow them.
Price increases may be inevitable, but it is too early to know yet.
We'd like to give due consideration as to when we will increase prices.
We have not yet allowed price increases.
We do not want to allow any immediate price increases.
We are reluctan to allow price increases, but price increase within the year may
be necessary.
Price increases in the near future may be necessary.
Price increases may be necessary.
Let's decide how much.

Takashi Arima. Some poetry books: Metamorphoses (1957), The Twilight Wall (1959), Forging Money (1963), A Woman from the sea (1967), Repetition (1971), Islands (1982), Mongolian Horses (1988), Selected Poems (1990), The Memory of India (1992), Journey to thr real (1993).

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