Gulliver Project


We train boys and girls by helping to enrich their language by developing processes of poetic and artistic expression, through art and creative reading and writing.

This project contributes to cognitive development, life skills, and the resignification of negatively marked aspects in children to transform them into beauty and dialogue.

                         Different people than
                         one day they come together to imagine, create, think
                         Away from fear, sadness, hatred
                         We are slowly being a group of friends
                         Interested in
                         Fly very high, just using their imagination
                         Writing occurrences
                         Real and fanciful.

                         Kelly Dayana Moncada, 10 years old.
                         Gulliver Project

Help us train hundreds of children and continue to strengthen the human spirit through the Festival.


International Poetry Festival of Medellin

It contributes to social cohesion and the cultural and spiritual growth of human society, summoning thousands of people at the global and local level. It fosters dialogue between cultures and new territories of harmonious coexistence, exalting the richness of the peoples and their poetic traditions.

Every year we gather people from all over the planet in order to remember what we are from our sensitivity and our essence, generating learning processes through poetry and developing a new language for life.

* With your contribution, you will receive a donation certificate and the publications you want, in PDF file.

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