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The PROMETEO Corporation of Art and Poetry is formed by a group of poets and artists whom conform the General Assembly (among them: Fernando Rendón, Gabriel Jaime Franco, Jairo Guzmán, Luis Eduardo Rendón, Gloria Chvatal, Beatriz Ortega, Marco Mejía, Rafael Quiros, Tatiana Mejía, Viviana Restrepo, Blanca Salazar, Felipe Posada, Juan Diego Tamayo, Natalia Rendón, Alejandro Zuluaga, Iván Graciano Morelo, León Felipe Franco, Felipe López, Héctor Torres).


Work Group


General Director and President

Fernando Rendón. Medellín, Colombia (1951). His debut work Contrahistoria, a visionary idea of the future in complete opposition to the realities of apocalyptic excess in his country, was published in the 1980s. He has also published the poetry books: Bajo otros soles (1989), Canción en los campos de Marte (1993), Los motivos del salmón (1998), La cuestión radiante (2006), Canto de la Rama Roja (2010) y En Flotación (2010).

He has founded the poetry magazine Prometeo (1982), with 96 editions to date. Founder and director of The International Poetry Festival of Medellin, Alternative Nobel Prize 2006. 

Fernando Rendón received the international poetry prize Poets Against War (2010, Los Angeles, USA), the Arabian Bahrahill Foundation Prize (Egypt, 2010) “by a high cultural achievement”, Rafael Alberti Poetry Prize (Havanna, Cuba, 2010), the International Poetry Prize Mihai Eminescu (Craiova, Romania, 2012), and Mkiva Humanitarian Award As The Foremost Cultural Icon (2013).

He is cofounder and the General Coordinator of World Poetry Movement (WPM) and member of Circle Poets from Greece.

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Manager and Legal Representative

Gabriel Jaime Franco. Medellín (1951). He is a Colombian poet, co-founder of the International Poetry Festival of Medellin. Member of Editorial Board of the Prometeo Magazine. His writings have been translated into English, German, French and Swedish. Published books of poetry: En la ruta del día (1989), La tierra de la sal (1993), Reaprendizaje del alfabeto (1996), Las voces escindidas (1998), La tierra memorable (2006 - 2010), Diario del incierto (2008). He has received the National Poetry Prize Fuego en las palabras, in 1996; and Colcultura National Grant, 1998. He has taken part in International Poetry Festivals of Macedonia, Sweden, Austria, Venezuela.
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Director of the Pedagogical Line


Jairo Guzmán Colombian poet born in 1961. Graduated from Mathematics at the National University of Colombia (Medellin). Co-founder and co-organizer of the International Poetry Festival of Medellin. He has published poems in various magazines in the country and the world. His books of poetry are Coro de ahorcados (1995), Icons of rain (1995) [English versions by G. Leogena] and Todo paisaje es la elegancia del ojo (1997). He has developed two exhibitions of visual poetry in the context of the III and V International Poetry Festival of Medellin and directed the Poetry School of Medellin and the Gulliver Proyect, since the first release in 1996 to the sixth edition in 2001 and from 2010. He has been invited and taken part in Poetry Festivals in China, Mexico and Finland.
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Programming Coordinator

Luis Eduardo Rendón He was born in San Roque, Colombia, June 1972. He is poet and translator, makes part of Editorial Board of Journal Prometeo Magazine and is co-organizer of the International Poetry Festival of Medellin. He has published books of poemsArpa a merced de las manos invisibles (1996), La velocidad de las piedras es azul (1997), Tras la loba espectral (1998), La plaza mercurio (2000), Libro de presagios (2012). He has participated in international poetry events in Macedonia, Austria, Panama, Nicaragua and Brazil.
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Director of Communications

Gloria Chvatal (Medellín, Colombia, 1967). She is painter and communicator. He advanced his studies of painting with Leon Posada and Libe of Zulategui and developed several exhibitions collectives and individually from 1987 to 1995. Social Communicator at the University of Antioquia, 1995. Co-Founder and Artistic Director of Teatro Ensayo between 1985-1995. In 1996, he joined the Corporation Art and Poetry Prometeo as Director of Communications and Cultural Management in the area of ​​international projects. He has served as Assistant Director in the documentary serial Tiempo de Poesía, which produces Corporation Prometheus Art and Poetry since 2002.
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Venues Coordinator

Beatriz Ortega Medellín, 1984. Audiovisual Communication student at the University of Medellín. He has several projects in this area.
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