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Appeal to Global Poetic Action, from World Poetry Movement (WPM), in April, against Racism and Xenophobia

The history of the racism and the xenophobia is unfortunately as old as the history of humanity.

But the more alarming   and worrying is the relapsing nowadays of these old mental diseases.

One of the main reason of this hatred to the “other” from the ancient times to these days, as well as  the ignorance on the every  human being’s uniqueness s   and the lack of the moral values, is  surely the covetous   aims or subconscious instincts towards the  exploitation and plundering of these “others”…

These “ others” should be  the other nations  or ethnical belongings with their every individuals , or simply the individuals of the other sexes, ages and social classes and communities.

The inhuman attitudes, sanctions and enforcements in the civilized world against the involuntary and tragic immigrations of the masses are unacceptable.

The draconian measures intended to be taken in the Trump’s USA in this sense, should be severely rejected.

Poet and poetry have to fight against all these inhuman acts, feelings, reflections, claims with the peerless expressive forces of the poetical language and organized poetry events.

Word Poetry Movement is honored to declare the April of the 2017 as the time of massive poetical events and acts in all over the world against the racism, xenophobia and all such kind of immoral, inhuman   activities, intentions, threatening and claims.

We call the poets in all over the world unite their forces, energies and poetical inspirations around this endlessly human responsibility.

Coordination Committee of the World Poetry Movement

Published on March 6th, 2017

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