Poetry School in Medellín

III Escuela

The signs that have constructed the diverse notions of Man gravitate at the threshold of the enigma that is reality; the signs with which poetry leaves its footprints as it moves through each instant of Eternity.

The adventure of being is propelled by the forces of its own symbolic operations, with which the stage is set where the voice is able to represent that which underlies the river of the real. In this becoming of memory and sudden sprouting of the image, poetry is the foundation of permanence, and all that which perseveres in history does so because of this influx and not by the brute force of an emperor. This field of immanence that is poetry generates all life and is the seed that blurs the boundaries of the universe. From this approach, poetic creation is manifest in manifold forms and creates a nourishing pasture in the soul where adventures are born, dreams of infinity and a sovereign aspiration of light in the night of history.

Mobilising ourselves in this field of perception we realise that man himself is condensed poetry: his words, his prehensile hand, his erect body, his gaze toward the horizon, his songs, his rituals, his awareness of death, his laugh, his dancing gate, make clear the perpetual metamorphosis of the poetry in all living things. Poetry is the germinating grace of light and consists in a squeezing of the sun until it is transformed into a magnolia.

Poetry is the pulse of the cosmos, the pulse of myth. It is a source of knowledge. It is the language of the tribe. It is guided neither by the timeline of history nor by the artifices of logic, law, or academia.

Its presence is made visible through the world's objectuality, through crafts and trades, and the actions of a body that has eyes and the desire to see. To recreate the world in poetry is to want to see it, and in this attempt diverse instruments of expression, such as song and writing, arise in the orbit of man. The voice itself is the primordial messenger that speaks in the body and through its modulations and sounds the flow of words takes place, the scope of meaning and imagination.

Word is action, Poiesis unbound and unclothed by the potencies of desire, by Eros who is the breath of life in eternity.

To arrive at the Truth by following the paths of poetry is to be attentive to the wisdom of lightning; to be able to reside in a nameless place, where a communicable vision can be achieved.


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