An Ars Poetica

An Ars Poetica

By Dorothea Rosa Herliany
Written to Prometeo

Globalization is not inevitable and was rejected. Globalization may be able to create uniformity or equality here and there. The world will be all the same. Perhaps there will be no difference between one country to country. However, there is one thing that will not be able to be done by globalization is to make equate of cultural identity of each country. Existence of the culture of each country is different and each is unique.

There is the most special unique related of each nation's cultural identity is poetry. It’s because  poem is a personal work of art that conceives very special value. Poetry is a cultural product that uses language qualified which contains two elements at once aesthetic and semantic. The form, rhyme and metrum of poem contains elements of a musical and in the same time the content within it has the meaning of word based on the ratio or reasoning. Then it becomes more special than any other art such as music, dance and fine art.

Therefore, in the era of globalization the poetry is important as a means of cultural exchange. Poetry allows us to understand easily the culture of other nations. We will be able to see directly the soul of a man in a certain nation through poetry. The poem is also able to show the beauty of feeling a human being.

If we think of globalization as a static machine that has great power to squeeze something, then the poem is another machine that is able to resist and also has an energy to move the souls, maintenance the unity, and lead the revolution.

The poem is not a toy that can be easily to be pressed by giant wheels of globalization. It can make people retain a feeling able to continue to exist and live. As well as to make people have a passion.

Poetry gives the possibility for each different nation to sit together in one large room and exciting space reveals the soul each nation, experiences, feelings, philosophy, reflection, dreams, pain, joy, and all the hidden elements that store a strength.

Up dated on March 8th, 2012.

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