Poems by Lanse Henson

Poems by Lanse Henson

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Lance Henson was born in Washington in 1944 and earned a Master in Creative Writing at the University of Tulsa in Oklahoma. He is a poet, writer, dancer, painter and cultural activist. He belongs to the Cheyenne Nation. He has published 28 books of poetry, including: A Cheyenne Sketchbook, 1985; Another Song for America, 1987; Another distance, 1991; In a Dark Mist, 1992; and Strong heart song : lines from a revolutionary text poetry, 1997. His poems have been translated into 25 languages.

Revolutionary Song

dawn brings with it the sorrow of light
of one who does not want to be seen
a voice that must be hidden
in a place
that it does not belong

is it a river or a breeze
or the running water that grieves
onto itself

that makes one wish to be free

the forbidden song of the cricket
lies among the roses

a wind floats by whispering of che
and crazy horse

on a morning of frost
in the soreness of waking
the cry of humanity goes out of itself
as impossible to stop
as the weeping of water
as the weeping of a child

January 31, 1997
Piero's house

Crazy Horse

rose like a hand at the edge of dark
in the gathering mist the warrior
stood as if
to a

Impression Of Peyote Ssong

whose wings
are scented cedar

who guards the sacred seed

keep us strong

to meet the coming


for the cheyenne
11 april 2014, italy

Published at Febraury 8th 2015

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