Daniel Acevedo (Colombia, 1986)

July 8th to 15th, 2017


Daniel Acevedo (Colombia, 1986)

Daniel Acevedo (Medellin-1986) is a Historian of the National University, aspiring to a master's degree in literary studies at Buenos Aires University and a creative writing workshop coordinator in Retiro, since 2014. He belongs to the editorial committee of the Innombrable Review. His poems and writings have appeared in several of its editions. He has also published in the magazine Homo Sacer of Mexico and the magazine "Coma" of Argentina. He has participated in the First National Meeting of Young Poets 2014 and in the event New Voices of Poetry in Medellin in the framework of the XXVI Medellin International Poetry Festival. He was part of a collective novel called "Ella, La puta" of current circulation in Argentina and has participated in several literary workshops of that country. He has an unpublished book stories called The Railway of The Lost Dreams and an unpublished collection of poems entitled Rituals of the Wind. Here is his blog:

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