Baatarkhuu Tumendemberel (Mongolia, 1992)

July 8th to 15th, 2017


Baatarkhuu Tumendemberel (Mongolia, 1992)

Baatarkhuu Tumendemberel, of Ochirvaani tribe. Long song singer, Morin khuur musician, Tsuur musician, Ode chanter. Full-time artist and Long song singer at the State National Theater, former State National Folk Song and Dance Academic Ensemble.

Born on March 7, 1992 in Tariat Soum of Arkhangai province. Enrolled in and graduated from the secondary school of Tariat Sum in 1999-2005 and 1st school of Orkhon province in 2006-2010. Enrolled in and graduated from the Music and Dance College as a professional Long song singer under the supervision of D.Tuvshinjargal, the State Honored Artist of Mongolia in 2010-2015. He has studied and Morin khuur and Tsuur musical instruments with an aim to obtain and continue the traditional playing techniques of Mongolian music. His BA dissertation themed ‘Mongolian Statehood Long Song in the model of ‘Myriad’s Leader’ was obtained with the best mark.

Won 3rd place at the Long Song Contest titled ‘The Melody with Morin Khuur’, 3rd place at the Morin Khuur Musicians Contest held in the framework of the 4th International Morin Khuur Symposium Festival; successfully participated in the International Contest of Long Song Singers in honor of J.Dorjdagva, Long Song Singer of the 20th Century and was selected as one of the TOP 20 participants of ‘Cuckoo Namjil’ TV Show of Folk Arts held by UBS TV and as one of the TOP 20 participants of the International Long Song Contest in honor of N.Norovbanzad, Long Song Singer of the 20th Century.

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