Sabino Esteban Francisco (Guatemala, 1981)

July 8th to 15th, 2017


Sabino Esteban Francisco (Guatemala, 1981)

Sabino Esteban Francisco (1981). Guatemalan poet of Mayan q'anjob'al ancestry. During the internal armed conflict, his family took refuge in Chiapas, Mexico, for two years. In 1984, he returned to Guatemala to join the "Los Limones", a camp of the Popular Communities in Resistencia -CPR-, in Ixcan. His childhood and part of his adolescence took place in the CPR, where he attended elementary school.

He has published the books of poetry Sq'aqaw yechel aqanej / Groove of Footprints (Editorial Cultura, 2007), Yetoq 'junjun b'ijan aq'al / With a Coal’s Piece (Editorial Culture, 2011) Xik'ej K'al Xe' / Wings and Roots (Catafixia Editorial, 2013) and Sq'och Xajaw / The Moon’s Stairway (Editorial Cultura, 2017). He has been invited to poetry festivals and cultural events in Guatemala, Spain, Mexico and the United States. His poetry appears in national and foreign anthologies.

Published at May 27th, 2017

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