Elvira Hernandez (Chile, 1951)

July 8th to 15th, 2017


Elvira Hernandez (Chile, 1951)

Elvira Hernandez (Lebu, province of Arauco, Chile, 1951). Some of her early books are: Giddy up, Halley, Giddy up, 1986; Physical Meditations for a Man Who Left, 1987; Travel Letter, 1989; The Order of the Days, 1991 and Hand Sign for Giorgio de Chirico, 2004; were collected in the publication titled Actas urbe, 2013, that received the critics award from the Diego Portales University.

Other publications are: The Flag of Chile, 1991, Santiago Waria, 1992; Album of Valparaíso, 2002; Sports Notebook, 2010, that received the Altazor Medal and A Ghost Wanders the World, 2013. In addition, in 1989, she published the illustrated anthology of Chilean poetry Cartas al Azar in collaboration with Veronica Zondek, and with Soledad Fariña coedited the book of essays Approximations to the Poetic Work of Juan Luis Martínez, 2001.

Soon to be published is the book Santiago Waria & Santiago Rabia, 2016) and recently appeared "The Works and The Days" Anthology (Lumen, 2016). Also, of the numerous national and international anthologies that have selected her work we can mention "L'epreuve des mots" (Poetes hispano-americains 1960-1995, under the direction of Saúl Yurkievich, Stock, 1996). "Poetry Is Me" Spanish poets of the twentieth century. 1886-1960. Poetry Visor Collection. 2016).

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