Odile Kennel (Germany, 1967)

July 8th to 15th, 2017


Odile Kennel (Germany, 1967)

Odile Kennel was born in 1967, of French-German parents, she is currently living in Berlin, writing poetry and novels, translating poetry (from French, Portuguese, English, Spanish) and children's books. She has received several scholarships for her work and was nominated for the Alfred-Döblin Prize in 2015. In 2013 she received the Second Poetry Prize in Munich. Her poems were translated into Portuguese, English, French, Bulgarian, Slovenian and Norwegian. She also publishes in magazines and anthologies, translates poetry for several festivals like the festival of poetry of Berlin Latinale, the festival Stadtsprachen.

Publications: oder wie heißt diese interplanetare Luft. Poems. Dtv 2013; Was Ida sagt. Novel. Dtv 2011; Wimpernflug - eine atemlose Erzählung. Narration. Edition Ebersbach 2000.
Translations of poetry (from Portuguese, Spanish, French): Erica Zíngano: Ich weiß nicht warum. Hochroth 2013; Ricardo Domeneck: Körper: Ein Handbuch. Verlagshaus J.Frank 2013; AngElica Freitas: Rilke Shake. Luxbooks 2011; Damaris Calderón: Sprache und Scharfrichter. Parasitenpresse 2011; Jean Carrier: Die Arbeit des Schattens. Editions PHI 2005.

Poems and translations
Small film about an office of translation of a poem with the Scottish poet Anna Crowe A at the Berlin Poetry Festival 2014
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