Orietta Lozano (Colombia, 1956)

July 8th to 15th, 2017


Orietta Lozano (Colombia, 1956)

Thought II

                         A Alejandra Pizarnik

I come from silence, 
my eyes dried up like water from centuries ago. 
I plunged into the vertigo of the strange and accesible
into the fantastic ending, at the beginning. 
I sat death on my parallel chair, 
we looked at each other and we knew we were lost, 
we knew about the mysterious appointment, 
every place was the exact one, every hour the precise one. 
Men looked at her as at a condemned maiden,
they looked at her indecisive, they insulted her,
and she of the many deaths, protected her face 
with my hands. 
She always knew about my dream, 
that I looked for her along a passage, 
in the darkness of a cave,
in the geometry of the houses;
and with the fear of a pale young girl
that goes to her first date, her first death nestled itself softly on my lap
looking for a fantastic end for her game, 
the beginning.

Translated by Nicolás Suescún.


Orietta Lozano was born in Cali, Colombia, in 1956. Her work includes poetry, narrative and literary essays.

Published books: The Executor of Light, 2015; Glow of the Abyss, Externado University of Colombia, 2011; Water Steps, Caza de Libros Editions, 2010; The Yard of the Sphere, University of Valle, 2002; Luminar: novel, Universidad del Valle, 1994; Love Anthology, Tiempo Presente Publisher, 1996; Alejandra Pizarnik, essay, Tiempo Presente Publisher, 1990; The Expected Vampire, 1987; Memory of the Mirrors, Puesto de Combate Publisher, 1983; Secret Fire, Puesto de Combate Publisher, 1981.

She has been included in several anthologies, among them: Colombian Poetry (anthology 1931-2005), Mexico, 2006; A Joyful Gravity, Latin American Poetry, Spain 2007; Magic World: Colombia, Colombian Poetry, Brazil, 2007; Silence in The Garden of Poetry, Colombia 2012.

She won the Eduardo Cote Lamus National Poetry Prize, with her book of poems The Expected Vampire.

She was invited to France to the XIII Biennale Internationale des Poètes, and by the Royaumont Fondation, for Latin America - to the Translation Seminary of foreign poets for the translation of her book Drunk Water.

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