Shirley Villalba (Paraguay, 1974)

July 8th to 15th, 2017


Shirley Villalba (Paraguay, 1974)

Shirley Villalba was born in Coronel Oviedo (Paraguay), on September 17, 1974. "Female Shadow", was her first independent publication. Mention of honor, in the City of Asuncion Municipal Literature Prize, 2006.

She participated in the IV Ibero-American Encounter of Poetry "Carlos Pellicer Camara". Villahermosa, Mexico, being included in the book "Dialogues of the Earth", 2008.

She was included in the Anthology "The Mediterranean Voice”. DLG publisher, belonging to the Mobilizing Institute of Cooperative Funds of Argentina, 2008.

Professor and Doctor Enrique Marini, made an analysis of her work, University of Lleida - Spain. "Signs of Paraguay", Magazine Scriptura, 2010.

In 2011, she is included in the material "Latin American Poetry Today. 20 countries, 50 poets. "In Mexico: Technological University of Hermosillo and Editions Phosphorus; In Paraguay: Editorial Arandura and in Argentina Poetry Barataria.

In 2015, she published "Marked Animal", which is her recent work. Under the seal of the Arandura publisher. Mention of honor in The City of Asuncion Municipal Literature Prize, 2016.

Published at May 27th, 2017

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