Poets can change the world

Por: Birgitta Jonsdottir

Great poets have one thing in common, they can shift the way we see reality and give new perspectives on complex problems. In the old norse culture, poets could be granted clemency with the king if they could write a so called Drápa that would move the king.

The power of poetry has long been established in our world, even if few countries understand this better then the people of Columbia. I have travelled all over the world and I have never witnessed the same awe and love towards poetry as in Columbia. It's a mystery I feel deeply inspirational.

My talk will focus on the importance of being an activist poet, active poet, poet that draws big pictures for societal chance. We are granted the possibility to soar high above ground and see the big picture, it is not only our role but also our responsibility to offer the spice and inspiration for finding the courage to be agents of change for the greater good on our planet during those interesting times we are at as humanity.


Warriors of Words


Listen; poets of the world

your words are mighty

your vision is clear

war IS war

not peace


The voice of the oracle speaks

through your words


Fight with your pen

with your vision


Open the space between space

the world between worlds

between your words


The world is not simple

It unfolds in layers of understanding

and misunderstandings


Create that empty space

of understanding

by being unbearably honest


Create that space for free thinking

curling through your words

To strike in the heart of hearts

like a bolt of enlightenment


You are the carrier of the flame

the favorite of the muse

the warrior of words


Truth is truth

seek it

speak it


The bush is on fire

illusions run deep

seek, speak, the truth


Hope shall flourish

peace shall flourish

in the s p a c e

Última actualización: 19/01/2022