Night Garden

Por: Trần Hùng

Breaking Up

I have only tonight with you
After the rain, you are sleeping
Peacefully like roots in the earth

The moon is coming down,
Window of sky frame is a dreamy silver color
Looking at you, I am looking at the silent trees
My heart is heavy as the rooster calls
Houses are deeply peaceful

My darling,
Don’t go to the station at dusk
Horn of the train sounds so far
Don’t be alone tomorow night please
If you sit alone, the night tree will fall
Night heart will be broken
The star’s light will be gone
When you know I never come back.



The fish mother

The fish mother is stuck
Her eyes open as wide as lotus seeds in a lotus bowl
And gently moves along the fishing line

Cannot be in pain in freedom
Since her fries as tiny as blood spots
Are rumbling and spreading all over her body.          



Three O’clock

In the night I think about you
my little friends
my pink and smooth friends
my wrinkled friends
Adding a little extra light –
the hands are heavy
Adding a little extra dark –
the hands are heavy
Then what will happen when the dust of this life
Adds to my palms, adds to yours
Belongs to my body, belong to yours
What will happen to the young and tender, what will happen to the barren
Searching in night grass, seeing an old poem
Searching in the old poem, seeing a grass brooch an old friend dropped
and I can’t stand, I become as quiet as the farthest star
Tonight, how many people miss their old friends, how many sleeps perfume gently, how many dreams are broken
And I can’t stand,
I am as quiet as the farthest star
I am sad for me, I am sad for this life
And I love myself, I love this life
Although sometimes I am a soggy rice cake
Every morning I want to nurture the color of leaves in me
Every morning I want to nurture the color of river in me
I want to melt dreamily in leaves, to rest dreamily in water
My thoughts hurt not just one person, I know
But I will go, my friends, please don’t blame me
And you are still in me, by my side
my little friends
my pink and smooth friends
my wrinkled friends…



A Depressed Woman

I wish I could have been there that moment
And had brought a dose of antidepressant
or a dose of hope
But no, I was not in time
The woman is depressed
How could she bring her child out of her dreams
How could she fondle those young fingers
Those angel fingers curled around the mother’s breast
Those pink folds, buds – here, young leaves – there, they are everywhere
How could she often kiss her child
If she didn’t soften and calm her lips in white milk
Night night night the night hit her head at night
Night night night night my child was slender and soft
My child was pink and smooth, how could he bear it
I flew down the abyss, why didn’t my son fly
Oh dear baby, the more you fell, the colder and purer
Oh dear baby, don’t leave me
Here your wings, your icarus wings
I let you fly then I fly behind
I chose this hour, how quiet
In the night me and water looked at each other
Then looked at you, you were quiet as the sky had not a star
Not a sound of dew, only a calling from the abyss, it’s soft and warm
Baby, not a cradle which can be more tender than water
Not a pain more tender than water
Not a breast dreamier than water
And I chose this water flower for you
I put it on your cutie lips
Baby, no need to breath any more
No need to smile in sleeping any more.



Sonata Moonlight

Silent humming
Humming silently
Moonlight on the leaves
One’s head hangs low by the lake
How does one live
When the last woman has left

Ten fingers swipe on the moon lake
The sound of the piano echos
Drop by drop
Stringing together into a pearl necklace
The necklace of sound flies through the night crying its song


Wingless night bee

Among all the available paths to you
                   I chose not one
I want to take the dark path filled with rocks and thorns
I want to fly with the night bees towards you
A forrest with the scent of mushroom yet absent of any
Where the eyes of the leaves stare at the sky
In the pure forehead of paradise
I fly in the rhythm of my hair



A star rises


You bring many daisies
You pin many yellow leaves
Fall way is tingling
Way of memory in each blue night
And each night is blue with memory
A bike at the old wall
Where did you go
Cloths are dried for years when sunsets
I dream of you with veiny hands
I dream of you with skinny breast and thin scarf
A star rises from your lips
A red star
Flies into the night sky.

Trần Hùng with birthday name is Tran Xuan Hung. Born on December, 4th 1957 at Nga Quan, Tran Yen Distreet, Yen Bai Province, Vietnam. Now living in Cao Bang city, Cao Bang Province. Tran Hung started writing since 1981, member of Vietnam Writers Association. He has won a number of Vietnamese and international awards, including the Vietnam Writers' Association Award in 2015 for collection of poems Night Garden, Southe ast asian writers award in 2017  for the same collection of poems. The works by Tran Hung are: Call friends, collection of poems, Thanh Nien Publishing House1991; Village Dream, collection of poems, Publishing House of Vietnam Writers Association, 1998; Tham Thac, collection of poems, Publishing House of Vietnam Writers Association, 2015; Night Garden, collection of poems, Publishing House of Vietnam Writers Association, 2015; Collection 0f Tran Hung poetry, Publishing House of Vietnam Writers Association, 2018; Far season, collection of poems, Publishing House of Vietnam Writers Association, 2019.

Published on 8.02.2020

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