Call for participation in the 32nd International Poetry Festival of Medellín

In 2020 and 2021, with the purpose of expanding the participation of the world's poets, to respond to the huge number of people who write to us applying to participate in the Festival, and as an effective and healthy way to meet new voices in the current landscape of poetry, the International Poetry Festival of Medellin set out to achieve this through the competition method. Nearly 1,100 people responded to these calls for entries.

This call brings hard work, demanding, and in many moments stimulating, because voices that justify the search are found. Of course, the pulse of what is happening with poetry in the world cannot be measured through a call or a contest, but the experience does leave some clues. Among others, and despite the not always high quality of everything that reaches us, the fact that poetry continues to enjoy very good health in the midst of a world that clearly does not have it, and we are not referring, although also, to the ill-fated pandemic of Covid, but to those that the current system not only has not solved nor will solve (poverty, inequality, war, injustice, the alarming deterioration of nature), among other things because they are the daughters of that same system.

We will choose six poets who will participate in the 32nd International Poetry Festival of Medellin #32FIPM. World Peace, Peace with Nature. -July 9 to 30, 2022.

The call will be governed by the following:



Poets of any age, of any nationality and of any language, regardless of their place of residence, may participate. Poets who have participated in the International Poetry Festival of Medellin in any of its 31 previous versions are excluded from this call. 

All poets who send their works in languages other than Spanish must also send their respective versions in Spanish. 

3. In a single document in PDF or Word format, each participant must send 30 poems and a bio-bibliographic file. In the same document, each author must also send a photo and contact information: email, telephone, WhatsApp if available, address of residence. The documentation shall be sent to the following address: [email protected]

4. The works sent may or may not be unpublished, and those interested may send a selection of their published work or an anthology that does not exceed 30 poems and/or 30 pages.

5. The jurors will select 6 poets to participate in the 32nd International Poetry Festival of Medellin, which will take place between July 9 and 30, 2022.

6. Discretionally, the juries may recommend to the direction of the 32nd FIPM additional names of poets that in their criteria could be invited.

7. Although the 32nd FIPM will be held both virtually and in person, it is understood that for this call the selected poets will be invited virtually, except if the selected poet declares that he/she can arrange for air travel. In this case, the organization of the 32nd FIPM will cover lodging and food expenses.

6. This call is open from the date of its publication and closes on April 30, 2022.

7. The names of the jurors will be announced on the day of the decision, which will be announced on May 20, 2022.

Published on 30.10.2021

Última actualización: 03/11/2023