World poetry for total peace. Pedagogy for the new life.

Por: Rati Saxena

What Thing I am I do not know 
I wonder secluded, burdened by my mind When  
the firstborn of truth has come to me I receive a share in that selfsame world. 


Long before in The Rig-Veda, the seer says- I don’t know, who I am, and where did I came from, I carry this burden on my head and roam around.  
When a Man thinks, he thinks for everyone, his surrounding, his society, his nature and all living or nonliving things,  thinking is the process for the wellbeing of humanity, not only for individuality. And he sings –

May all sentient beings be at peace,
may no one suffer from illness,
May all see what is auspicious, may no one suffer.
Om peace, peace, peace. 

But when the Man starts thinking only for himself, for his own comfort, for his own belief, without showing respect to others, the identity of the Man and usefulness of his existence in this earth gets limited. Unfortunately, we live in the time, when the man is thinking a lot, but not for nature, earth, or Universe.
We are living in the time, when the boundaries or human hearts are shrinking, Our believes are struggling with others believes, We are forgetting to respect nature, and try to utilize every thing we get as a present from nature. 
This happens when we forget the oldest human language, which is called poetry. Poetry was the language, which introduce the man to nature, which give strength to the Man to talk to creator of the universe and which give him power to create his own deities, beliefs and ideologies. 
This is the power, which introduce man to the scientific world. Omar Khayyam was a good mathematician and astronomer, because he was good poet. Indian astronomer Bhaskaracharya –II could write the best mathematic book it was in poetry.
In the journey of the Man, poetry remained his language all the time. It gave him to not only survive, but also to think better for the universe.
In the recent years, we have isolated poetry, and limited its power.
The poetry is the language of all knowledge, which says “Keep me not in the Darkness but lead me towards the Light 
Keep me not in the Death (due to the bondage of the Mortal World), but lead me towards the Immortality.
If we want to survive in this beautiful earth, we must love our sun moon and whole universe, we must learn again our oldest language that is poetry. Which gave us light of knowledge. Which will help us to create peace and brotherhood.

Only poetry has power, which connect the world.

Última actualización: 08/06/2023