34º FIPMed: Love Song of the Planet

Por: Steering Committee

The 34th International Poetry Festival of Medellin (34 FIPMed), to be held from July 13 to 20, will have presence of 80 poets and guests from 40 countries, through 60 public activities in Medellin and Antioquia, the Festival will encourage reflection on the urgencies of our time, including the priority need to take action to restore the climate balance, the protection of life and the planetary biosphere.

Poetry is called to preserve humanity's immemorial search for beauty, justice, freedom and love for life. Poetry embodies the yearning for a society that honors the planet, the great mother of life.

Love Song of the Planet is an invitation to harmonize with the Earth, to belong to it. Evoking the original vision of the peoples who inhabit the world with respect and wisdom. 

The youth of the world is the one who will better understand this call to embody new paradigms of the development of humanity. The 34th FIPMed will have them as a fundamental axis to highlight the Young Poetry of the World, promoting their participation, to spread new and experimental forms of poetry, vital in the current crossroads.



Up to the moment, the confirmed poets are: Djamel Belarbi, Fouzia Laradi (Algeria), Arturo Desimone (Aruba), Cyndi Celeste (Barbados), Maud Joiret (Belgium), Paura Rodríguez (Bolivia), Marcelo Reis (Brazil), Natasha Kanapé Fontaine (Innu People, Canada), Roberto Aedo (Chile), Cao Shui, Su Yang, Cao Bo (People's Republic of China), Christine Peiying Chen (China/New Zealand), Libardo Valdés (Yanacona, Colombia), Carlos Vásquez, Juan Carlos Acevedo, Elvira Alejandra Quintero, Geraldine Arroyave, Jazmín Arroyave, Simón André Chvatal Rendón, Daniela Pérez (Colombia), Vanessa Torres (Colombia-United States), Nelson Simón (Cuba. Gaceta and Prometeo 2024 Magazine Award), Gladys Potosí Chuquín (Kichwa People, Ecuador), Ahmad Mohsen (Egypt), Sara Bourre (France), Danae Sioziou (Greece),Anarella Vélez Osejo (Honduras), Sonnet Mondal (India), Alireza Ghazveh (Iran), Mohsen Rahjerdi (Iran), Mizuki Misumi (Japan), Mohamad Migdady (Jordan), Mona Kareem (Kuwait), Arvis Viguls (Latvia), Olivia Oropeza (Mexico), Touria Majdouline (Morocco), Babs Gons (Netherlands), Denis Pourawa (New Caledonia), Tolu Agbelusi (Nigeria), Murad Sudani (Palestine), Karuraqmi Puririnay (Peru), Valerio Stancu (Romania), Alexander Selimov (Russia), Abdulwahab Saleh Aloraid (Saudi Arabia), Ladan Osman (Somalia-United States), MoAfrika wa Mokgathi (South Africa), María Ángeles Pérez López (Spain), Marko Miladinovic (Switzerland), George Wallace, Matt Sedillo (United States), Yuri Patiño (Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela). 

They are also invited: Gunel Imanova (Azerbaijan), Amien Kamil (Indonesia), Mohammad Al Amin (Iraq), Bachtyar Ali (Kurdistan), Paul Muldoon (Northern Ireland), Lourdes Espínola (Paraguay), Isilda Nunes (Portugal), Ali AlShaali (United Arab Emirates), Cristina Peri Rossi (Uruguay).

We have invited young poets from around the world to submit their work to the Festival, in order to choose 16 poets as full guests for this version. The rules can be consulted here. In addition, through an agreement with Revista Gaceta, a Cuban poet will also be selected.

The event is convened and organized by the Corporación de Arte y Poesía Prometeo and World Poetry Movement, and is sponsored by the Mayor's Office of Medellin and the Ministry of Culture, Arts and Knowledge of Colombia. This is our invitation to follow in our networks the sequence of news about the Festival.


Última actualización: 08/04/2024