The song of all love of the world at the superhuman shore

The song of all love of the world
at the superhuman shore

Photo by Fredy Amariles

By Fernando Rendón
At closure reading of XIX Poetry Festival of Medellin

We are young men aged just two million years.

It is very difficult to live without trying to possess just one truth, and it is a work of centuries.

But is more difficult to reach the truth.

And what is the truth?

Life is the limit, the beginning and end of all limits.

Poetry is the subtle dialogue that puts an end to death and war.

Because the price for forgetting love is war and death.

Love is the poet of all the planets. Its rays give warmth to the sacred people.

All love of world exists, but it doesn´t have were to lives.

We have closed our eyes to it, even thought we are its house, its family, its heart that needs to be inhabited.

All the emptiness exists to contain it, to embrace it, and thus embrace to love and its song, to be immortal.

Where do you hide? Nothing ever ends.

Only you know which is the hand that writes and which is the hand that erases, and what it writes and what it erases.

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