Poetry is also a just and honourable peace for Colombia




Since two centuries ago, Colombia lives a bloody and tragic contradiction. We face a harsh war with no end in sight. We are divided and bled by two ancient concepts on the nature of peace and the interpretation of existence. Our country is a victim of this limited view of the world. This persistence in forgetting our bitter Latin American legend, proves that without poetry, being the memory of the magnificent dream of a new revolutionary time of the spirit, there will not be in Colombia a just and honourable peace, nor a life reborn from the debris as a new history of our redeemed native soil.

The utopia of peace in Colombia will not be a product of a servile following of the authoritarian requirement of unanimity and consensus, in order to resign ourselves to accept that life is the long wait of a mass grave where a legion of fog lies: the countless victims of the successive civil wars, without rest or compensation.

We are victims of the narrow view of the world of the executioners. And who are the executioners, who reveal with shrill voice they are the owners of all existing things?

In the origin of the spirit of poetry and art are the dream and demand of a young humanity, without war or misery, without surrender or pain. And we ask ourselves how have the animal species and the natural resources, water and wind survived, cruelly subjugated by past and present empires, by a mandate of pillaging of all living beings?

This is not the world we accept, we who have made of poetry a way, a resistance, a choice different from war or violent death, from the humiliation of all forms of life, from the subjection of societies to the urge to kill imposed by those who try to stamp out the emancipated and emancipating thought.

The supreme aspiration of poetry and of poems is the foundation of an invincible and creative dialogue, in order to dismantle the machinery of shadows of death and useless war between Colombians, to materialize a visionary, including society, and open the way for the wide river of freedom and fraternal justice.

Última actualización: 27/04/2020