Celebration of twenty years of The Poetry Festival of Medellin

Celebration of twenty years of
The Poetry Festival of Medellin

When the human spirit is beset by the crossfire of death, poetry revives it. Since the dawn of humanity poetry congregated, celebrated life, initiated in the mysteries, and sweetly passed on knowledge. It was thus humans discovered the powers of the spirit, their creative capacity and the transforming potency of language. The human essence is embodied in its ability to dialogue and in its symbolic interchange, both developed in each one’s conscience and estimation of existence.

Through poetry one can conjure the drive of death and gain access to the vision of a superior world, in which peaceful coexistence is possible. This thought has supported the existence of the International Poetry Festival of Medellin during two decades, as an organic part of a society that demands it as banner of its imagination.

Poetry teaches us to see and express what we are and will be, what we were and will not be. Poetry is the true richness of peoples, of their traditions, its invaluable heritage. When the life of humanity is in danger because of the destruction and catastrophe of war, poetry manifests itself as a cohesive force, as the protecting energy of the young people sent century after century to the slaughter house.

Poetry is the substance every dream is made of. Every creative act is inherent in poetry and peace would be unreachable without that will of creation. Now, more than ever, one needs the voice of song, the revitalizing word expressing and manifesting its opposition to war and exclusion.

Each year, when the Festival is held, the city is totally transformed, new forms of seeing, understanding and changing life are created. Poetry gives to the population the tools to confront, listen to and transform it, because it is a drive to life. Poetry is a song that humanizes the conscience of all.

According to the voice of the public, as expressed in recent surveys, the International Poetry Festival of Medellín is: Blaze. Ambrosia. Illumination. Universality. Energy. Ocean. Fascination. A house for all. History. Energy. Spirit. Reconciliation. Calm. Unity. A collective dream. Growth. Multiplicity. Transformation. Delight. A net. Interaction. A space of peace. Communion. Beauty. Privilege. The soul of the city. Knowledge. Daring. Celebration. Flight. Life. Passion. Hope. Renewal. Movement. Awakening. Integration. Multiplicity. Inclusion. Identity. World connection. Freedom. The unexpected marvelous.


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