Martha Canfield (Uruguay-Italia)

Por: Martha Canfield
Traductor: Magarian and Martha Canfield.



I would wrap and protect you
from others- glances
as in a cocoon
inside which you could continue to grow
your innocent heart
small and childish would beat
at seventy times a minute
and my hand would be
shield screen sheath.
I would watch over you
I would caress you eat you swallow you
feeling your warmth inside the chambers
of my secret heart
shredded by my bites
by a love made of fire
unlike any other
having become the essence of yourself
without the form
pure dense substance and so deprived
of any chance of independent movement
because the essence lives inside time without time
it doesn't move
it doesn't try to change
and inside of me it is guarded and protected
even from you
you understand me, don't you?
even from your indifference
your senseless pretensions
to find pleasure elsewhere,
and who knows where?
how could you dare


Última actualización: 12/11/2021