Eduardo Espina (Uruguay)

Por: Eduardo Espina
Traductor: Aaron J. Ilika.

(To die between quotes)

In the invisible immensity
of time and of everything the heat
of each chromosome touches them,
the cradle that carried what it loved.
They know of more vengeance, of
heavens that could be excessive.
(Halcyon, quiet like them,
in the shade they find their nation,
nascent, they dream near, go
to know when it's right to say so,
silence is what they confess)
Inside the immense residence,
the lamia the same as the houri.
Ah, the union of the births,
albescence of loose brocades,
somnolent silk to set them free.
The truth that binds them fits,
interval of all, of none.
Stasis nor speed saw them
when in the crypts alone
lamenting skin or something worse.
The nothing that never arrived.
(They rested wrapped
so that death
could not harm them)





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