Orietta Lozano (Colombia)

Por: Orietta Lozano
Traductor: Nicolás Suescún


Thought II

  A Alejandra Pizarnik

I come from silence,
my eyes dried up like water from centuries ago.
I plunged into the vertigo of the strange and accesible
into the fantastic ending, at the beginning.
I sat death on my parallel chair,
we looked at each other and we knew we were lost,
we knew about the mysterious appointment,
every place was the exact one, every hour the precise one.
Men looked at her as at a condemned maiden,
they looked at her indecisive, they insulted her,
and she of the many deaths, protected her face
with my hands.
She always knew about my dream,
that I looked for her along a passage,
in the darkness of a cave,
in the geometry of the houses;
and with the fear of a pale young girl
that goes to her first date, her first death nestled itself softly on my lap
looking for a fantastic end for her game,
the beginning.





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