Adnan Özer, Turkey

Por: Adnan Özer, Turkey
Traductor: Sehnaz Tahir

Islas Comores

The sun is one of my remote spots.
I saw my heart on a map of islands;
it did not flow-my God-, just the spectrum and the ladder
would suffice to tell that I could not get out
of the systems of my imagination.
I must have walked into the darkness: into a false crowd,
oh poor quiet, I facing the waters
have not even touched the ground of the island of my heart.

To the islands! to test our courage
in a hopeless siege!
Until we reach the sun dream!
Our dreams will nourish us!

Adnan Özer was born in Gazioglu/Tekirdag in 1957. He graduated from Istanbul University Journalizm Department in 1991. He founded Yeni Turkü, Üç Çiçek, Stüdyo İmge, and Era Publications and worked in Nokta, a weekly magazine. He also published several magazines such as Üç Çiçek, Stüdyo İmge, Fanatik, Düşler, and Düşler Öyküler with his friends. He was the chief editor in Gendas Publishing and E which was a monthly culture and literature magazine and also worked in Everest Publishing as an editor.

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