Darío Sánchez Carballo (Colombia)

Por: Darío Sánchez Carballo
Traductor: Nicolás Suescún.



This is the last habitation
of ulterior space the same life
here in the uterus
the Pandora's box
here sex is decided
the name
the road that will take you to the cities
you can be poor or a millionaire
to see for the last time the breast of the mother
in a Parisian church
and having to go over the gothic cathedrals of the world
searching for a remembrance

From here you're born to be thirsty
and sate yourself
to be cold and get relief
in any arms that promise shelter

Here conscience offers free will
to decide to believe or not to believe
to foist on someone else one’s own misfortunes
or think (if one chooses to) that our destiny
is something so light
that the wind carries it off.





Última actualización: 14/04/2021