Lasana Sekou (San Martín, 1959)

Por: Lasana Sekou

Tortured Fragments

singing ship of the watersea&bloodtear
singing field of the canecut&cottonred
shear of skin
seared open
&corned with pond plots of salt
£s scalding of branded flesh
&grim sounds of reaping mines all in mourning signs
cast well before centuries in shanty&shoutout&hollah hollah
in a din, a done, a deal, a blasted den
to singing forest
&oooh carry us away captivity
require from us a song, a son, a tongue of the book unsilenced
&chamber of blood burnt of its bleed over
what to do unto others &ore knotted memory
to centennial hymen&clot of the clicketyclick symphony
that whistling rock&blood of allah allah
singing singing, singing intifada


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