Layla Al-Sayed, Bahrain

Por: Layla Al-Sayed
Traductor: Ted Wrigley

The Dream

Yesterday I divided my dream
While on his road, I cut off what should not have remained of it.
Later, walking on
I left behind that boisterous laugh of mine
And crossed to the other shore,
Took off my smile,
Walked on with no poem
With no love,
I then saw that body of mine
Still full of passion,
I had no doubt in throwing her across the threshold
And went in with no body
I dreamt:
The victims come at the evening
And count my sins against me.

Layla Al-Sayed was born in Bahrain in 1967, A poet, philologist and critic. She is a member of the Bahrain Writer's Association and of the National Film Circle. Her work has been published in a number of anthologies both within and outside her country. Her poetry has been translated into German, English and Spanish. A highlight is her participation in the al-Ard poetry event in Switzerland, as well as in El Cairo. She is a well known student of the region's poetry and popular traditions. She published her first book of poetry under the title: We Passed by There, 2002. She has two unpublished books of poetry and an essay on female Arab novel in exile.

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