Urs Allemann, Switzerland

15th Medellin International Poetry Festival
Photo by Javier Naranjo

Por: Urs Allemann
Traductor: Ann Cotten

For the Lyre

The hand that climbs into your breast your heart
to tear out falls off. It is yours. You bend over
to pick it up. Now your heart falls out. We fling
ourselves to the ground to hit into what´s ours the hearts
the hands the teeth. To jerk it down. Now you´re
falling your head has slid from your shoulders and converts
in rising flight up from inside to out as can´t be
imagined but told eyes. Even blood some think
flowed now. Weeping a ways away. Patient
the strewn all around the bones of others
sound. If by chance Orpheus came by
I´d sing him something shove the
meat-eating lyre her part of
what like, fell after.

Urs Allemann was born in the city of Schlieren, near Zurich, (Switzerland) in 1948. He actually lives in Bettingen, near Basle. From 1986 to 2004 he directed the section of culture and literature of the Swiss journal of Basle (Basler Zeitung). He published three books of short stories and the following poetry books: Fuzzhase, 1988; Holder die Polder, 2001 and schoen, schoen!, 2003. Lately he has been applying the traditional poetic forms with the classic metrics - odes, sonnets and others - and modern contents which he uses to recite in song form.

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