Rubén Darío Arroyo (Colombia)

Por: Rubén Darío Arroyo
Traductor: Raúl Jaime Gaviria


Eighth Epigram

What ever happened to you?
I wonder today
Still remaining in this nobodies- homeland:
among thousands of orphans, of widows
and of so many children jumping the abyss of suicide.
For the meantime, I feel that I keep waiting,
I don't know what things could show me
A light hope
For not succumbing in the face of your absence.
It is probable that this time of massacres,
of tragedies and silences,
doesn't reach me so for to see you again.
For those circumstances its urgent for me
to keep, like a drop of mercury,
this dream cupped in the hands.


Rubén Darío Arroyo was born in Sincelejo, Sucre, Colombia in July 3 of 1955. Poet and essayist, he is graduate in Social Sciences from the University of Atlántico, where he teaches in the Faculty of Human Sciences and Education. He has published the poetry books: Postales para Martha 1987; Crónica y Ausencias, 1997 and Hojas de Diario, 2001. His first two books were published by the publishing house Escarabajo, which constituted itself into a literary group with a magazine of the same name that was distributed in Barranquilla, The Atlantic Coast , other regions of Colombia and abroad during the eighties.

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