Caridad Atencio (Cuba)

Por: Caridad Atencio
Traductor: Nicolás Suescún


Dressed and faceless
I was wringing my boy's neck
A stab in the mouth
with the open fingers on the eyes,
even though the veins slip through my hands

"I heard your voice calling yourself".
I saw vessels of solid filling with water.
And the heavy matter went to the bottom
transforming its flight into a creak.
Eating by the musical score
The slaves do not feel horror.

The character is pierced.


Caridad Atencio was born in Havana, Cuba, February 14, 1963. Poet, essayist and investigator, she is author of half a dozen books and worthy of several prizes and recognitions, among them the Distinction for the National Culture, in her country. In the present year she received the National Poetry Prize of the Magazine Gaceta of Cuba. Author of the poetry volumes: Los viles aislamientos, 1996; Los poemas desnudos, 1995; Umbrías, 1999; Los cursos imantados, 2000; Salinas para el potro, 2001; La Sucesión, 2004. She has published in all the prestigious literary magazines of her country, and in magazines of the United States, Spain and Mexico. She has been anthologized in diverse selections, among them in the Album of Cuban Poetesses, prologue and poetic selection by Mirta Yánez. She received the prize Pinos Nuevos in poetry in 1996, the prize Dador in the year 2000 (for essay) , the prize Calendario for essay in 1999. She received the prize Dador of the Cuban Institute of the Book for Poetry during the year 2002. Member of the Scientific Council of the Centro de Estudios Martianos. She has been member of the jury of the Prize David of Poetry, of the Prize Dador, of the Prize Calendario and of the International Competition of Poetry Raúl Hernández Novás, of the Magazine Revolution and Culture Award, of the Prize Pinos Nuevos of the ICL and of the Prize Razón de Ser.

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