Quentin Ben Mongaryas (Gabon, 1948)

Quentin Ben Mongaryas (Gabon, 1948)

Africa or Africa

Africa of rotten clans
Africa without dignity
Africa of minerals
Africa of plantations

Africa of black witch-doctors
Africa of all poisons
Africa of tribalism
Africa of mercenaries

Africa of prisoners
Africa of good slaves
Africa of the good corrupt ones
Africa of good vultures

My whipped back endures
My torn-out heart bleeds
My guinea pig blood splashes
My tense soul grumbles

My chained body wails
My mangled side falls off
My bound hands were ripped off
My broken limbs suffer

My burst eyes cry
My cut ears whistle
My scorched flesh rots
And my breath I give to you

Tranlated by Nicolás Suescún

Quentin Ben Mongaryas was born in Lambaréré, Gabon, January 1, 1948. He realized studies of International Public Relations in Tolouse. From 1976 to 1982 he worked as a diplomat in Germany. Member of the Association of Writers in French language and President of the Democratic and Cultural Front in his country. During 8 years he was president of the Association of Writers of Gabon. Poetic works: En route pour Kendjé, 1974; Poème et poésies, 1976; Dans la riviere en feu, 1978; Choix de poèmes, 1980 and Voyage au coeur de la plèbe, 1986. He has participated among other events in the African Cultural Meeting , Rabat, 1984; in Struga Poetry Evenings, Macedonia 1985 as well as in other important events.
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