Di Brandt (Canada)

Por: Di Brandt


St. Norbert in July

After Louise Halfe

Throb of buffalo
herds, drumming
under the earth.
Whiff of sage
in the wind.
branches, bowing,
heavy with fruit.
Sob of grass.
Wheels rumbling.
Burning tipis,
smoking flesh.
I Thirst Dance,
Ghost Dance,
I Give-Away Dance,
Beg Dance.
"Shot our children
as they gathered

Skull Dance.
"A mountain of bones."


Di Brandt was born in Winkler, Manitoba, Canada, in 1952. She has published five poetry collections: Now You Care , 2003; Jerusalem, beloved, 1995; Mother, not mother, 1992; Agnes in the sky, 1990; and Questions I asked my mother, 1987. She published a critical study on the Women Contemporary Canadian Literature, Wild Mother Dancing: Maternal Narrative in Canadian Literature, 1993 and Dancing Naked: Narrative Strategies for Writing Across Centuries, 1996. She received The Canadian Authors' Association National Poetry Award, among other recognitions. Her poetry has been put into music, and adapted to theater, CD, cinema, video, radio, television, multimedia and dance.

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