Juan Calzadilla (Venezuela)

Por: Juan Calzadilla
Traductor: Zofia Camila

Asylum in Another Body

My body is a place where I have found asylum
momentarily. What I fear most in this new condition is that I could
be a victim of an eviction order and that I wouldn’t have
another body to go to then.

Unless I'm assigned some shed in heaven.


Juan Calzadilla was born in the Guarico State, Venezuela in 1931. He made studies in the Universidad Central de Venezuela and in the Instituto Pedagógico Central. He was co-founder of the group El Techo de la Ballena (1961) and of the Magazine Imagen (1984). He has realized, an extensive work as plastic artist, literary critic and journalist. He is author of an extensive bibliography in plastic arts and has published around fifteen poetry titles among which they outstand: Dictado por la jauría, 1961; Malos Modales, 1965; Oh Smog, 1978; Minimales, 1993, Principios de Urbanidad, 1997; Corpolario, 1998; Diario sin sujeto, 1999 and Aforemas, 2004. In march-april, 2005 he visited Chile invited by the 26th Biennal of Sao Paulo, as member of the review that of this event took place in the Museum of Contemporary Art of Santiago. He lives in a remote town of fishers in the west coast of Venezuela: La Vela de Coro, state of Falcón. In 1997 he was awarded with The National Awards of Plastic Arts in Venezuela.

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