Alejandra Castro (Costa Rica)

Por: Alejandra Castro
Traductor: Maynor Barrientos Amador


The Emigrants

Sometimes the emigrants
abandon their contempt on trains,
go over the absolute blood
of a woman, throat-slit in her confines.
They retake the roads of books
and the flux of Faust's madness.
Bathe under the rain of pariahs,
on the scaffold of death,
        their lies.
They go out in the moonlight on Sundays
chasing their return to Home in their friends.
They go over legends of war
with a different voice
and their houses are birds of blood
for desolate insomnia.
The immigrants, badly-injured, peons
knowers of Time, its industrious revenge
while acquiring more disgraceful remoteness.
They draw windows for their noises,
they write their history
on the benches
and cook obstinacies for names
that do not come back and for the dead children.
Then, they deny
but never forget
and want to come back
but they don't.


Alejandra Castro was born in San José de Costa Rica in April 22 of 1974. She is Master Graduate of Spanish Literature from the University of Costa Rica. Master graduate in Computer Science Law and Doctorate in Constitutional Law from The Universidad Complutense of Madrid. She has published five poetry books: Desafío a la Quietud, 1992; Loquita, 1997 (Awarded with the Annual Poetry Prize given by the Publishing House of The University of Costa Rica); Tatuaje Giratorio, 1999 (Young Creation Poetry Prize); Hay Milagros Peores que la muerte, 2002; and No Sangres, 2005. In 1993 she obtained for her book Desafio a la Quietud the CELULAJ Award.

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