Rita Dove (Estados Unidos)

Por: Rita Dove

Demeter's Prayer to Hades

This alone is what I wish for you: knowledge.
To understand each desire has an edge,
to know we are responsible for the lives
we change. No faith comes without cost,
no one believes without dying.
Now for the first time
I see clearly the trail you planted,
what ground opened to waste,
though you dreamed a wealth
of flowers.

               There are no curses - only mirrors
held up to the souls of gods and mortals.
And so I give up this fate, too.
Believe in yourself,
go ahead - see where it gets you.


Rita Dove was born in Akron, Ohio, United States, in 1952. Graduate in Fine arts from the University of Iowa. Her poetic works are: The Yellow House on the Corner, 1980; Museum, 1983; Thomas and Beulah, 1986; Grace Notices, 1989; Selected Poems, 1993; Mother Love, 1995; On the Bus with Rosa Parks , 1999 and American Smooth , 2004. She published a book of brief narrations, Fifth Sunday, 1985; the novel Through the Ivory Gate , 1992; and a collection of essays, The Poet's World, 1995. Her play The Darker Face of the Earth has been represented by diverse groups, among them The Royal National Theatre in London. In 1987 she received the Pulitzer Poetry Prize. She teaches English at the University of Virginia.

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