Ángela García (Colombia)

Por: Ángela García
Traductor: Nicolás Suescún


Dozing, I go over the human face with microscopic eyes. I go over a nose lightly sloped, sweating near the nostrils. I am a look on a face with a nose that thinks. I am some millimeters away from the skin that shines, my eyes are the eyes of an ant, and the face a mountain range. In front, under, up, submerged in itself, absent-minded. Indifferent, without imagining being looked upon by something minute. And I, "the inconceivable", know, that this crease near the nose on which I am now walking belongs to a face. Astonished, I freeze: how can this line, this sweat, this sketch of a cheek, be a face and even a name, a history, a period of time? How can, at the same time, this portion of grease and heat go further than a name, a history, a period of time?


Ángela García was born in Medellín in September of 1957. Social communication studies Co-director of the video "La orilla opuesta". she has published the poetry volumes Entre leño y llama and Rostro de Agua. Poems published in the Anthology NEW LATIN AMERICAN POETRY New Lateinamerikanische, Germany, (bilingual Anthology), 1996. Anthology of Colombian Poetry, directed by Henry Luque Muñoz, Mexican edition, 1997. Publications in magazines and newspapers of Mexico, Spain, France, Costa Rica, Argentina, Venezuela, Germany. Member of the Editorial Committee of the magazine PROMETEO up to 1999. Co-founder and Executive Director of the International Poetry Festival of Medellín, from 1991 to 1999.

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