Zabier Hernández Buelvas (Colombia)

Por: Zabier Hernández Buelvas
Traductor: Raúl Jaime Gaviria


An After War Dream

One night
Entrenched in the longings
Drowsy by the others breath
I have dreamt of the face of a girl
Of curled black colored hair like her eyes
A seeking sad look.

I saw her playing to the hide-and-seek
With an imaginary father
I saw her run behind a flower that flew
                         And I also saw her cry.
Covering her tears with her dirty hands
Of innocent and fertile earth

After the war
To the dawn of relief
In the ghostly uneasiness of the memories
I have wakened up hunting butterflies
In a destroyed garden. To the other side of a wall of phosphorescent orchids
The girl of my dreams
From the side of the defeated ones
                         calls me Dad.



Zabier Hernández Buelvas was born in Montería in 1966, Graduate in social sciences from the University Distrital Francisco José de Caldas of Bogotá. Director of the Center of Studies and Social Investigations CEIS, Bogotá: 2000- 2002. Journalist and permanent collaborator of the Weekly publication VOZ. Publisher of the poetry book Hojas de diario of Rubén Darío Arroyo, 2001. Director of the Investigation "Diagnosis about Community Justice in the area of Distension" in Coordination with the Corporation Center of Constitutional Studies PLURAL financed by the High Commissioner's Office for Peace. October of 2000. Editor and Compiler of the book Fallaces and Truths About The Plan Colombia, 2001. Next to be published is the poetry book Baile para ahuyentar la tragedia, which is actually in its publishing process.

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