Hugo Jamioy (Kamsa People, Colombia)

Por: Hugo Jamioy
Traductor: Raúl Jaime Gaviria


The Feet in the Head

It's always good
To have the feet in the head,
Says my taita*,
So your steps would never be blind

* Spiritual guide among the Indian tribes


Hugo Jamioy was born in Bëngbe Wáman Tabanóc (Our Sacred Place of Origin) located in the Sibundoy Valley, Department of Putumayo, Colombian Amazon Basin, in 1971. He belongs to the Camuentsa Cabëng Camëntsá Biyá people (Men from Here with Their Own Thoughts and Tongue). He has published poetry books: Mi Fuego y Humo; Mi Tierra y Mi Sol, 1999; No Somos Gente, 2001. His texts have been published in Canada, Germany, Spain, Mexico, in university cultural magazines; and in Anthologies of Writer's in the Indigenous Languages of America. He is currently preparing a book titled Preguntas y Respuestas Sabias de un Niño Camëntsá, a text that contains dialogues with a 3 year old indigenous child; and the poetry book titled Danzantes del Viento, 2001.

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