Antjie Krog (South Africa)

Por: Antjie Krog
Traductor: Antjie Krog


Country of Grief and Grace



between you and me
how desperately
how it aches
how desperately it aches between you and me

so much hurt for truth
so much destruction
so little left for survival

where do we go from here

your voice slung
in anger
over the solid cold length of our past

how long does it take
for a voice
to reach another

in this country held bleeding between us

Tranlated by the author

Antjie Krog was born in Kroonstad, rural area of South Africa, in 1952. Poet, and journalist, she has also worked as teacher, lecturer and publisher. During the 80's she worked actively in the anti-apartheid movement. She has published eight poetry volumes in Afrikaans. Other poetry works, in Africaans, Dogter van Jefta, 1970; Januarie Suite, 1972; Mannin, 1974; Beminde Antarktika, 1974; Otter in Bronslaai, 1981; Jerusalemgangers, 1985; Mankepank en ander Monsters, 1989; Lady Anne, 1989; Voëls van anderster vere, 1992; Gedigte, 1989-1995; Down to my Last Skin, 2000; Kleur kom nooit alleen nie, 2000; Met woorde soos met kerse, 2002. Novels: Account of a Murder, 1997; Lang Pad na Vryheid (translation of the long route towards liberty of Nelson Mandela, 2000. Dramas: Mamma Medea (Translation of the drama Mom Medea) written with Tom Lanoye, from flemish and dutch into africaans, 2000.

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