Álvaro Lasso (Peru)

Por: Álvaro Lasso
Traductor: Carlos Villacorta

antarctic academy

in manhattan we reserved an iceberg to moisten the living room's rug. It's Christmas, whisky is a consolation prize like the number of the muse we'll never call, for Iceland, for modesty, for our pianist's hands. I told you dear, the transatlantic that would take us has left and our shadows are hung in a bridge that doesn't know about holidays and their aesthetic hangover hours.


Álvaro Lasso was born in the Republic of Azerbaijan in 1982. He lives in Peru since he was 10 months. Actually he studies Hispanic Literature in The Universidad Católica of Peru. He has participated in recitals in cities all around Peru. He has organized the national poetry Festival Novissima Verba, in three consecutive editions since 2002. He directs Odumodneurtse! poetry newspaper that has issued four numbers up to now. He also directs the publishing house Estruendomudo. He has published poems in Magazines of Peru, Chile and France. He has also published the following poetry volumes: Acariciante Humedad Aquella, 2001; Mara en ciudad Breton, 2003; Hotel, 2003 and Trenes, 2004.

Última actualización: 26/10/2021