Santiago Mutis Durán (Colombia)

Por: Santiago Mutis Durán
Traductor: Raúl Jaime Gaviria

The White Forest

A soul, misty of joy
An ashy dawn crying
over her naked breasts
The longing of misfortunes
Hope, something, glowing on the air
The scent of the countryside
Pulleys and strings in the forest of the steeples
The song of woods, the fire, the flowers
The leaves covering the trails
The water of canals like mirrors
The splendor of the lamps
The fleeting shades
The white forest of the days
The garlands

Everything is incense

Santiago Mutis Durán was born in Bogotá, Colombia, in 1951. He has published the books: Tú también eres de lluvia; Soñadores de pájaros; El visitante; Afuera pasa el siglo; Relámpagos de la ciudad, Guillermo Wiedemann, Eduardo Ramírez Villamizar and Panorama inédito de la nueva poesía en Colombia. He is publisher since 1975, and within this work he has compiled the works of José Asunción Silva, Aurelio Arturo, José Antonio Osorio Lizarazo and Álvaro Mutis, among others. He has been vice-director of Procultura, founder of the Magazine Gazette, Director of Publications of the Colombian Institute of Culture and director of the Editorial Center of the National University of Colombia and the Literary Magazine Gradiva.

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