Carlos Osorio Granado (Venezuela)

Por: Carlos Osorio Granado
Traductor: Froila Gómez

Loving to Die

The act of touching the loved being begins
in the beats of a single cell and growing
it expands until the absolute evidence.

The eyes see in the target of desire
the entrance to the kingdom of the death.
Courage has recovered territory. Everything happens.

Lovers learn to die together.


Carlos Osorio Granado was born in Venezuela in 1955. Poet, translator, plastic artist and musician, he works in the Department of Literature of the Direction of Culture of the University of Carabobo, where he has been directing workshops and seminars of poetic creation for 16 years. He is the vice-director of the magazine Poetry and belongs to the organizing committee of the International Poetry Encounter of the University of Carabobo. He has published the poetry books: Saravá, 1988; Albricias, 1992; Caminería, 1998; Vaivén, 1999 and Amatoria, 2004.He has received several prizes and distinctions in national contests, not only for his poetry but for his pictorial work as well.

Última actualización: 07/11/2021