Adhely Rivero (Venezuela)

Por: Adhely Rivero
Traductor: Froila Gómez

Lucky Number

I can stay the night thinking
and sacrifice the sadness of the day.
All these years I have pleaded to God
many years
in order to tell the experience of the life that
old men have.
One gets up daily
on the light of dawn, leaves to work,
sits down like a boss to wait for the difficulties that others bring.
Speaks with wisdom, in front of a library
of the contemporary poetry of the world,
remembers a verse, a good verse, and saves
the day's work.
There are difficult days for the soul,
we retire so that the dream
reveals a lucky number.


Adhely Rivero was born in Arismendi, Barinas, Venezuela, in 1956. Graduate in Language and Literature of the University of Carabobo. He has been awarded with several literary prizes. He has published: 15 poemas, 1984; En sol de sed, 1990; Los Poemas de Arismendi, 1996; Tierras de Gadín, 1999. He currently works at the Department of Literature of the Universidad of Carabobo where he belongs to the editorial committee of the Magazine Poesía.

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