Tarek William Saab (Venezuela)

Por: Tarek William Saab
Traductor: Nicolás Suescún


Secrets and no flowers in the graveyard
I cut my face

the right oval
it's a scar that bites
another shore

What I see
knows its signal:

I lighten beauty
giving a mold to horror-

I assault the penknife inside
and I am happy

I renew a birth

Alone I can be the impossible
I divide myself
and I travel a long way
from this crack I am
(dream) what is not
what will never be


Tarek William Saab was born in Anzoátegui, Venezuela, in 1963. Poet, lawyer, politician. He was President of the Commission of Human rights of the National Constituent Assembly in his country. He has published the poetry books: Los ríos de la Ira, 1987; El Hacha de los Santos, 1992; Príncipe de Lluvia y Duelo, 1992; Al Fatah, 1994; Ángel Caído Ángel, 1998; Cielo a Media Asta, 2001; Cuando Pasen las Carretas, 2003.He received the poetry prize: "Esta Tierra de Gracia" from la Casa Ramos Sucre, 1992 and was first finalist of the CONAC poetry prize in 1995. At the moment he is Governor of the State of Anzoátegui.

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