Edwin Thumboo (Singapore, 1933)

Edwin Thumboo (Singapore, 1933)


Up these grey volcanic slopes, shy, tiny
Shrubs with secret mini-flowers, snug
And love in undulating hula moonlight.

They begin to tremble, burn when the sun
With all its physics, crests the peaks, releases
Dusty-devils to shoo and suck untidy drifts.

Rising, the wind’s sap doubles our pulse,
Moving spirit and body, hard and wet,
Merging their utterance. Curve and flank
Change acts of taking into smooth, deep giving.
Your eyes are words grown from amber;
Your brows horizons awaiting evening colours.

As day begins to list its promises, the island
Turns and sighs and dreams around your navel.

Then our blood gallops, mane tingling
Each nerve, making baby rainbows
Among these crags; soar steeply into
The sky’s open cry. Then sudden, magical,
Your grip surprises in recurring waves,
Keeps us within the circle of our selves.

Below, the sea, a creeping blue, immensely
Continental, carried quiet journeys. We look,
Touch, trying to know the whole of silence.

Edwin Thumboo was born in Singapore in 1933. He is a poet and a literary critic. He is the Director in Chief of the Center for the Arts of the National University of Singapore, where he has been Dean of the Faculty of Arts, at the Faculty of Social Sciences, and was made a professor emeritus in 1997. Publications: Rib of Earth, 1956; Child's Delight: Book 1, 1972; Child's Delight: Book 2, 1972; Gods Can Die, 1977; Ulysses by the Merlion, 1979; A Third Map: New and Selected Poems, 1993.
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