Maruja Vieira (Colombia)

Por: Maruja Vieira
Traductor: Nicolás Suescún


The Maya

Anthropological Museum

Bones, stones, colors.
The sleeping giants

They exist
beyond the form,
close, distant,

They are guardians
of the wind and the shadow.

protects and encircles them.

Lords of fire.
Their masks
silver, jade, ivory,
gleam and keep silent.


Maruja Vieira was born in Manizales in 1922. Poet, professor, literary critic and journalist. Some of her published books: Campanario de lluvia, 1947; Los poemas de Enero, 1951; Poesía, 1951; Sombra del amor; Palabras de la Ausencia, 1953; Ciudad remanso, 1955; Clave mínima, 1965; Mis propias palabras, 1986; Tiempo de vivir, 1992; She is member of the Colombian Academy of the Language. A selection of her poetry was published in Medellín by the poet Jorge Montoya Toro in 1951.

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